Sunday, September 23, 2012

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Vintage Lounge, Elixir, The Courtesy

Independent Bar on a Saturday night; beginning here for a change rather than ending here!
You know the drill; DJ Indie John in the booth spinning early to mid-80's New Wave/Old Wave!
Overall pretty crowded on the dance floor.
Everyone knows the music, whether you were around in the 80's or not! 

Moving down the street to Vintage Lounge.

Running into Mark Sanchez on Friday reminded me that its been awhile since I checked out DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins, Sky 60, Vixen) at Vintage.  Yes, he will be returning to EPCOT-China on New Year's Eve for another night of Top 40/Dance!

During my visit though the music was Hip Hop. (?)

Washington Street has kind of been the dividing line of where downtown's bar district ended with few options to the north. That line has now been crossed  with two new venues, the first being Elixir Bar Room & Hash House located across the street from Planet Pizza.

DJ Hal was in the window playing Top 40 and whatever he felt like.

There was a small crowd on hand, mostly at the bar.  The smell of fresh cut wood still permeated the air; it's a really nice room.  A large area in front of the DJ gives the place dance potential!

Around the corner on Orange Avenue The Courtesy is also brand new, occupying space in what I always thought was a old derelict office building.

Open just a few days, there was already a crowd mingling on the outside patio.

While inside the place was pretty surprisingly jammed! The music was Top 40 but I did not spot a DJ so it's probably just being played off someone's CD player.

 Downtown Orlando.....a good time was had by all!

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