Monday, August 6, 2012

PI Update: Splitsville Concept Art Update

While not located on Pleasure Island, the opening of Splitsville at Downtown Disney West Side is being watched closely by PI fans because of the promise of "live music" in a club atmosphere. To be an "adult-only" venue after a certain time each night, we're hoping this means DJ-driven music with a dance floor!
This newly-released image shows what the building will look like from the parking lot.  Construction is turning the former Virgin Megastore into Splitsville.
Lower level view with the preexisting escalator from Virgin.  Clusters of bowling lanes will be offered both downstairs and upstairs, mixed with various food options.
A view of where the escalator drops you off upstairs.  Supposedly the lounge would be upstairs.  Splitsville is still being advertised as opening this Fall.  The Blog predicts early, 2013.


Brian said...


KingBob said...

Our old home!

zulemara said...

yikes, inaccurate! Bridge 4 is gone, Paradiso is not in the parking lot, and Pleasure Island Jazz no longer exists. Where do I submit revisions? LOL

Brian said...

that is so true I didn't see that!

and the JAZZ CO is in the wrong place anyway! LOL

funny they would put JAZZ CO on there but no Mannequins,8TRAX,BET or RRBC!! WTH? the JAZZ CO has been gone for years!

look where they say Paradiso 37 is! in the water!

Anonymous said...

If you have a Google account (email or otherwise), sign in and then you can submit revisions to Google Maps.
...eventually, they'll update it.

Some of the information is user submitted / sometimes address-based, so it's often inaccurate, especially addresses that technically fall on main Buena Vista Dr.

KingBob said...

Pleasure Island Jazz Company opened in 1993 and closed in early 2005. Raglan Road opened in its place in late 2005.