Friday, August 31, 2012

PI Update: One Year Ago

(CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE)  It was one year ago this week when Disney work crews spent several nights obliterating references to club names at the buildings that remained on Pleasure Island.  When the PI clubs were closed in 2008, many of the buildings kept their names posted in some form but 8TRAX was not one of them.  The name was immediately painted over with that wide black stripe as shown in the top photo. In that photo you can see the 8TRAX name bleeding through anyway but that was taken care of later with more paint a few days later. For 3 more years the Disco paint-job remained on the building.  Until one year ago when overnight crews gave the building its new beige coating.  The bottom photo shows how 8TRAX looks today.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the paint job and lettering will return soon as well!

Anonymous said...

What I would give to be standing on that dance floor and hearing "Pass the Dutchie" once again!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks so BOLD and NEW now!