Monday, August 20, 2012

PI Update: Disney Parks Blog Mentions Comedy Warehouse

When the Pleasure Island clubs closed in 2008, club name signs were removed immediately from Motion and 8TRAX but most of the other names remained visible for years to come.  One year ago this month though, Disney crews came in over several nights and removed the last bits of signage from those that still had them standing.  It was as if they wanted to snuff-out any possible links to their PI past!  Curiously though, by the end of  the year they had brought the memories back anyway with Comedy Warehouse-branded shows at Disney Hollywood Studios, private Adventurers Club shows for castmembers and travel agents and an 8TRAX-branded club night aboard a Disney cruise ship!  And we currently have that hot rumor that Mannequins and Comedy Warehouse are coming back in some form!

So it was surprising to see the Disney Parks Blog do a story about Comedy Warehouse.  It's all under the guise of National Tell A Joke Day and the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.  Except that most of the story including all three photos is about Comedy Warehouse.  The Parks Blog is a social media mouthpiece of Walt Disney World.  Nothing is posted on there randomly.  Why are they invoking memories of Comedy Warehouse?  We have to assume they did it on purpose!  


Munchies said...

i just got off the disney dream. 8traxx night is a mere 20 min "show" and then the dj plays todays top tunes. i was sad. i want a night of 80s. although dj mike west was onboard. pretty awesome and hot too.

zulemara said...

I'm going on the Dream Friday. maybe I can get him to stick with the theme.

KingBob said...

Send pics!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that maybe they are going to open Comedy Warehouse.
Hopefully they will fix up Mannequinns, and 8Traxx which will make alot of people happy, by lighting up P.I. .
P.S. Let it be a Happy New Year! for everyone at P.I. .