Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Party 95 v. Party 93

Back in the early 00's Orlando had a great Dance music radio station called 95.3Party (WPYO - Apopka/Orlando.  Owned and operated by Cox Radio and known as "Orlando's Pure Dance Channel", the station was re-imaged in 2005 as Power95.3 and went the Hop Hop/Reggaeton route which remains true today.  A few years ago rights to the Party95 name were purchased and an internet radio station was created at Party95.com.  Based in downtown Orlando, that station features music sets of mostly local DJ's including Andy Hughes, Baby Anne, Mickey Bono, DJ Smooth, Jennifer Marley, Social Menace and others! Each set is unique and features the style of that particular DJ.

Back in the early 00's Miami had a great Dance music radio station called Party93.1 (WPYM - Miami). Owned and operated by Cox Radio and known as "South Florida's Pure Dance Channel", the station was re-imaged in 2005 to a Rock station and in 2010 to an Easy Listening /Adult Contemporary station. In 2008 Cox relaunched Party93.1 on its HD2 subchannel which can be heard in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties if your car has HD Radio.  Based in Hollywood, they also relaunched their internet radio station Party931.com.  This station runs closer to it's tagline of "Pure Dance".  Both stations are absolutely FREE so enjoy!


ClubMaster said...

So with HD can we pick up the signal clearly in Orlando/ Kissimmee area?

I know from Orlando I can pick up 107.1 FM which is from A1A that coming from Port st. lucy part of florida and the other side of florida is 933.FLZ so definitely can go from 1 side of florida to the other, but if it is possible it be nice to go from Miami to Orlando. I also thought I heard 933FLZ had a dance channel called 933.1 HD where is pure dance music ,I will check online and see if its true.

ClubMaster said...

ok i found it, bob check out this Wiki link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WFLZ-FM

"WFLZ currently broadcasts in HD format. 93.3 HD-1 simulcasts the analog WFLZ-FM 93.3 MHz ("93-3 FLZ HD-1 Hit music"), whereas 93.3 HD-2 exclusively broadcasts dance music ("93-3 FLZ HD-2 Club Phusion")."

KingBob said...

ClubMaster, thanks for researching and reporting on this information.

A regular FM signal will travel a lot farther than a HD signal. Because Florida is so flat, some FM signals can travel a good distance under favorable conditions.

I've not invested in a HD radio because the last time I reviewed the lineup of HD offerings in Orlando, nothing impressed me. And I doubt the HD signals from WFLZ in Tampa would make it over here (although I don't know that).

BTW, Club Phusion is a nationwide HD dance channel broadcast in many markets on Clear Channel-owned stations. WFLZ is owned by Clear Channel. Unfortunately, no one in Orlando is currently offering Club Phusion on their HD subcarriers.