Saturday, August 18, 2012

EDC Orlando Tickets Are Now On Sale!

DJ Ferry Corsten (NL) above turning the controls over to DJ Benny Benassi (I).  One of the many great memories from last year's Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando! 

Tickets have now gone on sale for this November 9-10 event.  No DJ's have been announced but last year 100+ of the world's best were here in Orlando.  Tickets here.  General Admission prices are about 20% higher than last year.  Including tax and fees, GA tickets last year began around $120 ($99 plus fees) and this year they're $119 (plus fees) = $137.  Ticket prices will go up as certain sales thresholds are met so if you're going, buy early!


Anonymous said...

137 for tickets and no nak=med DJ's yet? for 137 I can Party for weeks on end!
and INSIDE a club! with AC!

KingBob said...

This is typically how it's done in the EDM concert business. And while you can party for weeks for $137, you can't see the top DJ's in the business for this kind of money. Tiësto alone last year at UCF was over $50. Gareth Emery was $20, Ferry Corsten $20, Morgan Page $20. So while we have no names yet, I can assure you that $137 is a bargain, even if you only like one-quarter of the 100+ DJ's that will be coming.

Anonymous said...

true but you can not see all of them!! have to pick and choose the ones you want to see!

you know really the so called LOCAL DJ(S) are just as good if not better and also you have your favorite bartender! who knows your drink and not a WATERED down over priced drink!

now we all know some (LOL) of the people that go to these things are doing drugs! now I know some that go to clubs do the same!

just one persons Opinion!

KingBob said...

True, you do have to pick the ones you want; hard to see them all. EDC does have one stage that features mostly local DJ's. I do agree, the drinks are pretty lousy.