Friday, August 17, 2012

Club Reports: Dexter's & Vintage Lounge

Dexter's is a trendy restaurant chain with locations in Thornton Park, Winter Park and Lake Mary.  But only the latter location has a dance floor which on Thursday nights features DJ-driven dance music.
I had not been here in several months but this was always the home of DJ Michael Knight. The new DJ looked very familiar but I couldn't remember from where.  DJ Donny reminded me that he's one of the DJ's at downtown's Stagger Inn!  Apparently Mr. Knight has moved to Nebraska!
Big crowd throughout the venue including on the floor, dancing to essentially the same music format as before with Top 40, Dance, Hip Hop, Classics, etc.
The music is basically like a night at The Groove or Atlantic Dance....although he did play "Shiny Disco Balls" during my visit!!!
Wobble baby wobble!
Donny brings in all of his own equipment including a light bridge. It's a fun Thursday night experience!
Moving to Vintage Lounge for their long-standing Bang! Thursdays.
You never know who you're going to find putting out the music on Thursdays!  Last night it was DJ Jay Mac (XL106.7, B.B. King's SIN, Antigua) spinning Top 40 and Hip Hop.
The club was quite crowded although people were mostly visiting rather than dancing.
Jay Mac is just back from the DJ conference in Atlantic City where he won a national award for Best Syndicated Mixshow DJ of the Year, presented by Paul van Dyk!  The show is heard in Orlando on XL106.7 but also plays around the country on more than 50 radio stations. Wow!
Admission is free for all and Ladies drink for free, thus allowing for a good time to be had by all!


Anonymous said...

Kay Mac won what?? REALLY? must be some reallly awful djs out there!!!!!,

KingBob said...

Yes, really. While EDM is all over the place now, a few years ago it was impossible to find on non-satellite radio. His Saturday night mix show on XL was the only beacon of light!