Saturday, August 25, 2012

Club Report: Star Wars Dance Party

In conjunction with this year's Star Wars Convention at the Orange County Convention Center, the 501st Legion held their mega-dance party last night at the Rosen Center Hotel.
DJ Nelson Flux was spinning mostly 80's hits ranging from music you'd hear on Saturday nights at I-Bar to music you'd hear on Friday nights at Venue 13.
And some pre-mixed Promo Only-like mash-up mixes you'd hear at The Groove.  On the far right, Jabba the Hutt was in the house too!
Interesting characters attending!
The dance floor stayed packed all night!  Party like a Hutt!
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Star Wars everywhere!
Not sure who this guy was but whenever I'd get ready to snap a picture of Star Wars characters he would come out of nowhere and jump into it!  Reminded me of some guy doing the same thing to me at Zombie Prom in Atlanta last year!
You can never have too many Slave Leia's!
Only one Yoda.
No shortage of storm troopers!
The blue people were part of a contingent visiting from Belgium.  A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

With TVs there, they should have had a real Dj doing video mixing. None of this premixed stuff..

Anonymous said...

Transvestites were there?

KingBob said...

I don't recall any music videos, just music.