Friday, August 3, 2012

Club Report: Roxy Night Club (DJ Gareth Emery)

Back to Roxy Night Club, a venue that continues to host big-name EDM DJ's including Gareth Emery last night, the No. 7 DJ in the world per DJMag.
Opening DJ Robb Blak (Bikkuri Lounge, Suite B Lounge) played from opening to Emery coming on around 12:30am.
The place was filling-up as he played.
His music was close to 100% Trance which was befitting the evening since Gareth Emery is known as a Trance DJ.
It was a mix of both Vocal Trance and Non-Vocal Trance.
He was really animated with the music and the crowd was feeling it!
And by 12:30am they were ready for the headliner!
Spotted:  Just before taking over the boards, DJ Gareth Emery (GB) chatting with promoter JeffHTG while ShannonHTG looks on.
And then on he went!
And while he may have come to fame as a Trance DJ, most of what he played all night was House and Dance with very little Trance!
He too was quite animated, bouncing with everyone else to his selections.
He put on his current monster hit "Concrete Angel" shortly after 1am which of course drew a huge response from the packed club.!
That was followed shortly afterward by Skrillex' "Shout To All My Lost Boys" which somehow fit in just perfectly!
You can never go wrong with Go-Go girls!
Awesome sound system brought in along with interesting lighting effects.

No laptops here; everything was played off his CD's!
Emery moves on to Detroit/Pontiac tonight and then Governors Island/NYC tomorrow night.
Good view of the crowd.
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Don't dis the laptops. I can do the same show on my laptop as he can with his CDs and I carry a 20,000 track library with me; can't do that with CDs.

KingBob said...

The dis on laptops is mainly about DJ's who have pre-programmed their shows instead of doing it live on the spot.