Thursday, July 12, 2012

PI Update: The Fun At Celebrate Tonight

For those readers who were so unfortunate as to have completely missed the Celebrate Tonight experience, we present the above video displaying a typical day/night at CT.  This was a nightly feature on beautiful Pleasure Island and turned the former West End Plaza into Celebration Plaza.  Yes, they did have some sessions which drew bigger (and older) crowds than this one, but not many.  Way too often it was too hot, too cold or even raining out there. 

In this video we see DJ Willy (Atlantic Dance Hall, The Groove, Red Coconut Club, 8TRAX, Rock'n'roll Beach Club, PI Live) leading the festivities. We can't see the DJ up in the booth that he's interacting with but it sounds like DJ Lon. (PI Live, Retro Room)  The DJ's and CM's worked hard to try to make the Celebrate Tonight concept work; it was the concept that sucked. When the PI clubs closed the Island became an off-season ghost town at night.  Management quickly reopened the PI Live DJ booth to get some music playing and that was then replaced with CT. By-in-large those passing by did not want to be interviewed by the CT staff and you'd even see some people run away to avoid being approached.

What are you celebrating?

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