Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wizards of AAHZ Tonight!

In the musical history of Techno Town, nothing stands out like AAHZ Night at The Beacham Theater in downtown Orlando.  Beginning in 1988, AAHZ was on the leading edge of the House music movement that was sweeping dance clubs around the world.  Tonight, return to AAHZ as original DJ's Kimball Collins, Dave Cannalte and Chris Fortier recreate the music of that era in their original home, The Beacham. More than 1,000 are expected but tickets are available at the door.
Approximate schedule:
9PM - MIDNIGHT     Chris Fortier & Dave Cannalte
MIDNIGHT - 1AM   Special Guest DJ duo Dynamix II
1AM -3AM    Kimball Collins


Manny Leite said...

can't wait!! I'm getting there around 10

KingBob said...

Will see you there!