Sunday, July 8, 2012

Club Reports: Retro Room, Rix Lounge, The Fifth, Independent Bar

Saturday night in the city, looking for a party.  First stop Retro Room.
Former 8TRAX DJ Pete Haynes in the booth playing 70's Disco and 80's Classics, taking the patrons on the double dutch bus to FunkyTown.
Unfortunately there weren't a lot of patrons taking the ride. The club was running retro bands on both Friday and Saturday nights during June and that may have scattered some customers.  DJ Pete will be back next Friday night but Saturday night he'll be spinning current hits at Pat O'Brien's in CityWalkRetro Room needs to get its crowd back as it's a fun place to party!
Very quick stop at Rix Lounge inside Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.
Quick stop because the place was close to dead.  No DJ in sight and his computer was playing Latin tunes on autopilot while a few patrons at the bar watched sports. To be fair, this is a place that is more likely to be busy during the week, when conventions are taking place on property.
First-ever visit to The Fifth, a new venue brought to us by the V-Group that also includes Vixen, Vintage and NV.
Music is piped-in from next door Vintage Lounge.  A menu of food items are offered throughout the day and into the evening but at night it's mostly about the upscale decor and socializing.
Lots of color-changing LED's and all in gray, purple and white tones. The bartendresses are dressed in black dress shirts over gray pencil skirts for a sleek look including my favorite Heather who has moved here from Vixen. The drink prices are noticeably higher than Vixen too.  If you're not dining though, not much to keep you here beyond one drink.
Finishing out the night at Independent Bar, as I am sometimes known to do.
DJ Dem Rok on the controls playing the Saturday night 80's Old Wave format.
Really crowded as it usually is on Saturdays.
A lot of the "regulars" were there but also a lot of people I had not seen before.
Spotted: Independent Bar Lighting Tech Ernie taking a break with It Girl CJ.
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Have never seen anybody in Rix.

KingBob said...

I haven't seen a crowd at Rix in a long time.