Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back When Belgium Dominated The Charts

Back in February I posted an article that made the case that the world's best House & Dance music was coming out of.....Sweden!  But just 10 years ago, the Dance charts (especially if you listened to local radio station WPYO 95.3Party) were dominated by Dance acts rather than Dance DJ's and many of the top hits then came from.......Belgium!

Do you remember these Belgian songs from around 2002?

Lasgo featuring singer Evi Goffin. (Filmed mostly at Prague's Hlavni Station)

Sylver featuring singer Sylvy De Bie.

Ian van Dahl featuring singer Annemie Coenen.

Dee Dee featuring singer Diana Trippaers.

Milk Inc. featuring singer Linda Mertens.  I don't recall radio play on this one but it was a staple at Mannequins.  Would love to see a club night dedicated to the early 00's.  I think its time!


DJMadManRay said...

I remember when 95.3 Party did live remotes from Mannequins (even bartender competitions)... Miss that station and our clubs!

KingBob said...

I never knew they did remotes there!

ClubMaster said...

OMG i remember that!!! I loved 95.3 Party, then they decided we needed more Hip hop and changed it to Power 95.3.. Such a great station!!

KingBob said...

During the final year of 95.3Party (WPYO)in 2004 the amount of Dance being played was noticeably decreasing as the amount of Hip Hop was increasing. The Cox Radio-owned station then made the switch to its Power95.3 Rhythmic Contemporary format around 2005. Ditto sister station WPWM in Miami.