Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PI Update: Lights Burned Out On No. 4 Bridge

Breaking News: Save Pleasure Island Blog Roving Reporter William live on beautiful Pleasure Island overnight reports that the P-L-E-A letters on the Number 4 Bridge entry sign from Downtown Disney West Side are burned out!   Will be interesting to see if repairs are made.  Folks, this is the kind of news you can't get in the Sentinel and it's why you pay big bucks to subscribe to the Blog!  Thanks, William for the Island update!


Anonymous said...

I'm SURE the ISLAND will be empty.

Typically, at Disney, they'll repair something like that (eventually) because it's a "Show" issue.

(Although the Mannequins marquee took ages to get repaired when two of the "NN"s were out; it happened eventually. Then they closed the place)

Anonymous said...

We're missing the bigger picture here...the sign is now making a plea to have something happen to the Island.

Anonymous said...

or maybe a BIG joke "sure we are going to reopen"