Friday, June 1, 2012

Club Report: Parliament House (PI @ PH)

Disney may not want Pleasure Island but the public does!  Last night Parliament House went all out to recreate Castmember Nights at Pleasure Island with their annual PI @ PH Night.  Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy was on the scene to give us this report and photos.  Above, Mannequins is imagined with incredible lighting and lasers!
70's Disco means 8TRAX!
Comedy Warehouse came to PH last night too with former CW castmembers! WOW!
OMG, does anybody remember Carol Stein on the keyboards?
A little swing dancing.  Not sure if they were commerating when ADH first opened.
Even the old Neon Armadillo got reviewed!
Spotted:  Blog Roving Reporter Thommy poses with PI's favorite bartender, Dawn! (Mannequins)  Thanks so much Thommy for this great report & photos.  Long live Pleasure Island!!

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Jerry said...

I saw Dawn also last night at the P-House. She looks GREAT. Chaka Khan was performing and did an Awesome job. It was a good evening.