Sunday, June 17, 2012

Club Reports: Vintage, Vixen, Tier, I-Bar

Downtown Orlando on a Saturday night; not sure what was going on but the traffic was horrendous and the crowds wandering around tremendous!  Maybe it was pent-up demand following two weeks of rain.  Anyway, first stop Vintage Lounge.
Vintage is always a great Saturday night choice because DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins, Sky60, Vixen Bar) is on the boards. Morrison is also the New Years Eve DJ at EPCOT China as seen here.
There are always people dancing in various spots around Vintage.
The Saturday night music format is mostly Top 40/Dance videos.
The club was crowded and the crowded well-dressed.
Spotted: Mannequins girls!
Moving next door to sister club Vixen Bar.
DJ Andy Hughes (NV Art Bar, EDC-Orlando, Peacock Room) was playing a Housy-Chill mix during my visit.  Come hear him play next Saturday at NV.
Mannequins girls on the dance floor!
Tier Nightclub is the new 800lb gorilla on the downtown nightclub scene.  It continues to draw large crowds on weekend nights which I'm told has really impacted the balance sheets of some downtown venues.
Last night guest DJ Ruen (Delano-Miami Beach) was on the boards bringing his trademark sound of House, Dance and Hip Hop.
I was a bit disappointed with the mix though as I did not come to Tier to hear Hip Hop.
The dance floor was crazy-jammed but that does not mean people were dancing.  In fact, during his first Hip Hop set a lot of people were just standing around.
Cool effects and when he went into a Dance/EDM set, the crowd went crazy.
OMG, I think it's those Mannequins girls again!
You can never go wrong with go-go dancers!
Ruen kept things moving but no interaction with clubbers during my visit. When he went into another Hip Hop set I had to get out of there.
Tier Nightclub is located in the space formerly occupied by club Icon.  It has been completely refurbished and bears very little resemblance to what was there before.
With 2am fast approaching, there was time for a quick visit to personal favorite I-Bar.
Good-size crowd still remaining at this late hour.
Spotted: DJ Stefan (Necropolis, Rage Room at 11/12 Lounge) with the I-Bar door hostess.  He'll be one of the DJ's at tonight's MEH! Night here.
Spotted: "Famous for being famous" CJ looking awesome in oversized Skrillex eyeglasses!


Anonymous said...

that cj girl is hot!

KingBob said...

Yes Sir......or Ma'am.