Monday, June 25, 2012

Club Reports: 180 Grey Goose Lounge, Independent Bar, Suite B Lounge

Saturday night downtown after the LMFAO concert, taking the elevator from floor level up to the top of Amway Center to the 180 Grey Goose Lounge.
DJ's Hilton Farris (Rok Room, Senso) and Jimmy Joslin (Vixen, B.B. Kings SIN) spinning House music to the large crowd both inside and outside on the patio.  The DJ booth is normally outside but with the threat of rain they brought it in.
Dancing on the patio!  On event nights The Goose is only open to patrons attending but then opens to everyone else the moment the event ends.   
The 180 in the name refers to the view overlooking the city of Orlando.
Over to I-Bar to visit friends.
The dance floor was pretty jammed here too.
Saturday nights are early to mid 80's New Wave/Old Wave.
Spotted in the booth along with resident DJ Indie John at the rear, DJ's Kimball Collins (AAHZ, Qbar-Bangkok), The Reverend (Prickly Pear, Funky Monkey) and John Debo (Vain, Roxy). Don't forget the AAHZ Reunion at The Beacham on Tuesday, July 3rd. I'm glad I wore black too!
Spotted: Friend Gregg with his guests visiting from Poland. Nice!
Had a great time at Suite B Lounge on Friday night so back one more time on Saturday night!
DJ Dave Cannalte (AAHZ, Mannequins, Promo Only) on the boards spinning Progressive House.
Hanging out with The Rollins Girls!
At first it was kind of empty but by 1am a crowd was flowing in the door.
Lots of people on the dance floor.  Suite B is a small venue but attracts some of the area's best DJ's.
She was just frustrated that KingBob was not going to grind on the stripper pole with her.  In spite of that, a good time was had by all!


ClubMaster said...

King Bob, Do we know if bliss is still located in church street? I see on there Facebook they said saturdays with mickey bono has been moved to Roxy. Did the old spot close down?

KingBob said...

Yes, Bliss is closed and the Church Street spot vacated. DJ Mickey Bono is doing Saturdays at Roxy. I have an article written on the Bliss story and will post it one of these days!