Saturday, June 9, 2012

Club Report: Club Asylum (Venue 13)

Club Asylum is located at the end of a strip shopping center on the SOB Trail. It's in the former home of Latin club Coco Bongos. But on Friday nights it's the new home of Venue 13!
DJ Paul Vaine (Visage) has a new home as Venue 13/Visage Reunion has bounced from Lyrica downtown (which closed) to 11/12 Lounge on Lee Road (which closed) to Chakra Ultra Lounge near UCF (which closed). This new home looks promising!
There is this full length bar on one side of the club which overlooks the dance floor.
No smoking inside but it was hazy anyway and photography was difficult.
In the background one can see the raised seating area which also overlooks the dance floor but on the opposite side from the bar.
A lot of people came for the opening but it wasn't jammed.  Blame that on yet another rainy night in Orlando!
The music is what was played in former Visage back-in-the-day plus current music that would be played in Visage today were Visage still around.  But there was also some 80's New Wave and my favorite song of the night....and I don't know the name....but it's the last song that was played in the "Mannequins Medley" everynight at MannequinsUPDATE: Our Roving Reporter Thommy says the song is O Fortuna; thanks Thommy! Come check out Venue 13 at Club Asylum!

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