Sunday, May 20, 2012

Club Reports: NV Art Bar, Dragon Room, Club 23, The Beacham, Suite B Lounge

Yea! Thought I lost most of my pictures from last night but found them. Lots of stops beginning with recently discovered NV Art Bar!
DJ Andy Hughes (Peacock Room, Electric Daisy Carnival-Orlando, Hard Rock Live) spinning a House mix in this small venue.  My favorite past performance of his is when he opened for TiĆ«sto!
Nice crowd on hand but they were all chatting rather than dancing. Nice vibe in here though.
First visit in awhile to Dragon Room.
This guy was all Hip Hop, proving that there still are a few places downtown playing that genre!  I do like that they've moved the DJ booth to a spot adjacent the dance floor. The actual booth is in a separate room near the bar but the DJ can't see what's going on.  As it were, nothing was going on on the floor anyway!
Club 23 is hidden away up some stairs on Church Street but is a long-standing home to EDM.
DJ Reno spinning House music to the packed venue!
No real dance floor here so people just dance where they're standing!
Wall-to-wall crowd in another place with a cool vibe.
Home to upcoming AAHZ Unity, The Beacham is one of downtown Orlando's largest rooms!
Saturday night resident DJ Richie Rich owns the place!  The format is Hip Hop, Top 40 and lots of Classics.
Wobble baby wobble!
Rich Rich is spinning House and Dance tonight at House of Blues for Service Industry Night.  Anyone in any service job, not just hospitality industry, gets in free. Downtown Disney West Side.
Huge crowd on hand and it gets even more crowded later in the evening!
Final stop Suite B Lounge, a place you can always count on for EDM!
DJ Dave London was on the boards spinning Breakbeats mixed with House.  Opening DJ Swagkerr looks on.
Good crowd on hand.
Lots of people dancing to Mannequins classic 'Sweet Harmony' by Liquid!
And a good time was had by all!

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