Friday, May 25, 2012

PI Update: Island Update

You know where it is, you know how to get there!
Buy your tickets at the booth or from one of the machines beside 8TRAX.  The Number 2 Bridge ahead welcomes you to beautiful Pleasure Island!
Mannequins stands proudly and looks almost show ready!
A cold soft drink and some popcorn from the Adventurers Hut evokes memories of better days.  For real nostalgia, use your credit card here and your next statement will read "Mannequins Alley Bar"!
Bowling on two floors but with a club atmosphere upstairs in the evening. To be located on the West Side and not on the Island, Splitsville nonetheless brings hope to many PI fans!
But no action on the PI Waterfront since the closing weekend when Frankie & The West End Boys and Hip Kitty performed on that stage.......nearly 3.75 years ago.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope they eventually reopen atleast Mannequines, 8Trax, and Comedy Warehouse.
I hope Splitzville is a success.