Monday, May 28, 2012

Club Reports: Breakfast Club, Dharma Lounge (Charlotte)

Over the past couple years several Blog readers have told me about Breakfast Club in Charlotte, a place to go for a near-8TRAX experience.  So during a visit to the Queen City, I jumped at the chance to visit the club!
Breakfast Club resident DJ's Kommotion, SK and Soden were on the boards but an 8TRAX experience was not to be had.

My timing for a visit was poor and instead of their normal music format, they were having their annual Breakdance Battle Jam. Sadly, the music was anything but 80's Retro.  Interestingly though, they announced that DJ Baby Anne was in the house.  I never did see her and was wondering if they were talking about "our" Baby Anne.  Some quick internet work and I discovered that Orlando's Baby Anne was indeed in Charlotte playing at another club!
Will have to try Breakfast Club out another time.  It's got a terrific location downtown right across the street from the Time Warner Cable Arena, home of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats.
Well if I can't hear good music one place, head to another.  Dharma Lounge is located a mile or so south of downtown Charlotte.
"Our" DJ Baby Anne in this house on a Sunday night!
It was crowded, a bit warm and jumping!
I have my doubts that many clubs in CLT play EDM.  This is NASCAR country, you know!
The 'Bass Queen' putting out the Breaks.
No computer-generated pre-mixed music here.
An example why so many people beg her to perform in their cities.
Glow sticks are back, at least in Charlotte!
Dressed in pink skinny jeans and a Bad Baby tank top, the latter are now for sale at the Bad Baby Store on her website here.  

And a good time was had by all!

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