Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Club Report: Illusions Dance Club (Carnival Imagination)

Music everywhere on cruises and this 4-night journey on Carnival Imagination was no exception.  DJ Aurelius (USA) was in the ship's atrium during the first afternoon playing Chill, Top 40 & Oldies.
Meanwhile up on the pool deck for sail-away, DJ Vertigo (USA) was playing a mix of everything including Top 40, Hip Hop, Disco, Dance and so on. 
The ship's disco is called Illusions Dance Club and the decor was rather unimpressive compared to some of the ship venue's I've experienced in the past.  The ceiling over the dance floor has an egg crate look and above it they had multicolored neon lights that flashed off and on in different colors.  These flashed through the egg crate openings down onto the floor but there were no spinning lights, smoke effects or even a shiny disco ball!
DJ Vertigo opened playing about 4-song sets of first Top 40, then Reggae and Reggaeton and then onto Hip Hop.  The latter was all older songs (i.e. Apple Bottom Jeans) that one hears at The Groove. The dance floor did stay pretty full so can't let my biases determine what to play!  Above, DJ Coco Fresh (CDN) joined DJ ALX (BH) for this photo.  There appear to be six DJ's on board sharing various duties including dance sets in Illusions.
On another night DJ Bad Beats (left) directed the Booty Shaking Contest that drew a large crowd!
And this young lady was declared the winner in a heated contest.  She was quite deserving!
DJ ALX was topside for the sail-away party out of Cozumel.  He will be shifting over to new build Carnival Breeze when it debuts this June sailing out of Barcelona!
This party was all about line dances such as the ever-popular 'Cupid Shuffle'.
Wobble Baby Wobble!!
Back in Illusions last night for one more evening of dancing.  Crowd went crazy for Avicii's 'Levels'!
Bad Beats on the boards mixing an entire Dance/House set to the packed floor.
And bartender Yulia (RUS) knew how to mix them too!  Great times on Carnival and as they say, any day at sea is better than a day at the office!

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