Thursday, May 31, 2012

PI @ PH Tonight!

It's Gay Days 2012 in Orlando this week and weekend and one of the biggest Dance music events every year is the PI @ PH Event at Parliament House. I think we all know what PI they're talking about and they're promising their greatest laser light show ever! Free before 11pm, then $8.

Around town, there are lots of DJ events associated with this year's Gay Days and way too many to list here. For a full listing of official Gay Days events visit:

For Riptide at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and the Retro T at EPCOT, visit:

This Weekend In Techno Town

Saturday night is a great night at Retro Room as former 8TRAX / Motion DJ Pete Haynes will be taking you back to 70's Disco and 80's Classics. No live band, just Pete! Free.  
This is the weekend when HOB begins to feel a little competition as B.B. Kings starts their own Sunday night electronic dance music party featuring DJ's Magic Mike and Jimmy Joslin!  DJ Jaymac from XL106.7 on the patio.  Pointe Orlando. Free for Service Industry employees; others $5.
World class DJ Fedde Legrand (NL) returns to Orlando this Tuesday night at Senso Supper Club.  The House/Eurodance DJ is most famous for his hit 'Put Your Hands Up For Detroit', a song played often at Mannequins! Ladies $20/Guys $25.

Also, from sister-blog Orlando Clublist, this roster:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PI Update: Adventurers Club By Night

Does The Adventurers Club have a date with a Disney demolition team?
Well interestingly, just a few months ago it was next to impossible to peer into the club's windows because they had them blocked with some sort of black paper / screening.  That is no longer the case.
The screening is gone, at night the lights are on inside and it's easy to take a look.  Not that there's a lot to see.  One can make out the stairs and the lobby railings surrounding the lower club.  I did not see the Yakoose on the wall so I'm not sure if he's in there or not!
Perhaps those reported nighttime sightings of workers inside just a few months ago were accurate and they were in there removing the last vestiges of The Adventures Club. But if they do tear it down with no plan to replace it, then it would be not only a slap in the face of thousands of AC fans who have been begging to have it reopened, but also a new low in Disney public relations!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PI Update: Mannequins By Night

The fun never stops at Mannequins Dance Palace!  Some say old, some say new, but the LCD lights are on, flashing and changing colors again above the front foyer!
The smokers patio area is a lonely place at night; I guess most people have quit smoking.
Peering inside that door, one can still see one mannequin hanging above the dance floor!  From what readers have reported, the mannequins owned by Entertainment were removed and sold at Disney Property Control.  Those owned by the club remain hanging inside.  Blog Roving Reporter Thommy owns Manny, one of mannequins with eyes that lit up that would eerily drop upside down from the ceiling.
This is the almost the same picture but taken from a few inches further to the right and it shows the stairs that go up to the DJ level.  You can also make out the far side of the revolving dance floor. 

From a Disney Press Release:  "Mannequins Dance Palace With A Bold New Look -- High-tech lighting and a state-of-the-art sound system pumping out the hottest techno and progressive beats awaits guests at Mannequins Dance Palace. One of the premier nightclubs in the U.S., this award-winning nightclub has proven to be THE place to go in Central Florida. Slick and stylish have new meaning on the revolving dance floor when DJ's play the latest modern dance music accompanied by state of the art lighting effects."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Club Reports: Breakfast Club, Dharma Lounge (Charlotte)

Over the past couple years several Blog readers have told me about Breakfast Club in Charlotte, a place to go for a near-8TRAX experience.  So during a visit to the Queen City, I jumped at the chance to visit the club!
Breakfast Club resident DJ's Kommotion, SK and Soden were on the boards but an 8TRAX experience was not to be had.

My timing for a visit was poor and instead of their normal music format, they were having their annual Breakdance Battle Jam. Sadly, the music was anything but 80's Retro.  Interestingly though, they announced that DJ Baby Anne was in the house.  I never did see her and was wondering if they were talking about "our" Baby Anne.  Some quick internet work and I discovered that Orlando's Baby Anne was indeed in Charlotte playing at another club!
Will have to try Breakfast Club out another time.  It's got a terrific location downtown right across the street from the Time Warner Cable Arena, home of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats.
Well if I can't hear good music one place, head to another.  Dharma Lounge is located a mile or so south of downtown Charlotte.
"Our" DJ Baby Anne in this house on a Sunday night!
It was crowded, a bit warm and jumping!
I have my doubts that many clubs in CLT play EDM.  This is NASCAR country, you know!
The 'Bass Queen' putting out the Breaks.
No computer-generated pre-mixed music here.
An example why so many people beg her to perform in their cities.
Glow sticks are back, at least in Charlotte!
Dressed in pink skinny jeans and a Bad Baby tank top, the latter are now for sale at the Bad Baby Store on her website here.  

And a good time was had by all!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Suite B Lounge

Downtown Orlando on a beautiful Saturday night; no tropical storms around here...yet!
DJ Indie John in the I-Bar booth playing early to mid 80's New Wave/Old Wave.
Really good crowd on hand, both on and off the dance floor.
For those who remember when Independent Bar was called Barbarella, don't forget the Barbarella Reunion tonight right here!
Not crowded at all was Suite B Lounge.
DJ Chris Fortier (Beacham Theater, AAHZ) was playing Progressive but was competing with Paul van Dyk and the Sunset Music Festival over in Tampa.
Consequently there weren't all that many people on hand to see, as the sign read, the O-Town legend!
It wasn't exactly empty but far fewer than I would have guessed would come.
Fortier joins Kimball Collins and Dave Cannalte on July 3rd at The Beacham for this year's installment of the AAHZ Reunion!  That event will be packed.
Spotted: DJ J13 (, Bikkuri Lounge) on the dance floor with a friend.  He will be playing here at Suite B in two weeks.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dance Song Wins Eurovision Song Contest

The Trance/Dance hit 'Euphoria' by singer Loreen (S) has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 this weekend at the finals in Baku, Azerbaijan.  This proves once again the rising dominance of Electronic Dance Music on the world stage.  Most but not all European countries that are part of the European Broadcast Union enter an artist into the playoff style competition.  At one time singers had to sing in their native language but as you can tell, Loreen was singing in English, not Swedish.  Past winners include Celine Dion (CH) and ABBA (S).

Club Reports: Bikkuri Lounge, Peacock Room

You'd never know it but up on the second floor of Bikkuri Sushi on Colonial Drive is a night club and on the last Friday of every month there's a Trance music event taking place!
DJ CyberianSoundz (left) was on the boards upon my arrival with DJ Agni taking over shortly thereafter.
There was a pretty good crowd in the club but only a couple people dancing during my visit.  But there's a lot to be said for $3 well drinks!
First visit to The Peacock Room in awhile; I think I was last in here to see Kimball!
The NLP DJ's were in the house including DJ Supagroover putting out Breakbeats and Florida Breaks.
There was a good crowd in here too and they were dancing.  Spotted a couple guys from Mannequins too!
My nose had a close call with this lighted hula hoop!
At the Peacock Room, one room houses a long bar and the DJ's play in an adjoining room.
Spotted: Ɯbercool DJ Funkbaby had played earlier and was keeping things lively on the floor in her Uggs and mini-skirt!
As it got later, it also got more crowded!
DJ Matrix (left) then took over.
And a good time was had by all!

Friday, May 25, 2012

PI Update: Island Update

You know where it is, you know how to get there!
Buy your tickets at the booth or from one of the machines beside 8TRAX.  The Number 2 Bridge ahead welcomes you to beautiful Pleasure Island!
Mannequins stands proudly and looks almost show ready!
A cold soft drink and some popcorn from the Adventurers Hut evokes memories of better days.  For real nostalgia, use your credit card here and your next statement will read "Mannequins Alley Bar"!
Bowling on two floors but with a club atmosphere upstairs in the evening. To be located on the West Side and not on the Island, Splitsville nonetheless brings hope to many PI fans!
But no action on the PI Waterfront since the closing weekend when Frankie & The West End Boys and Hip Kitty performed on that stage.......nearly 3.75 years ago.