Saturday, April 21, 2012

Club Reports: Vixen Bar, Vintage Lounge, Vain Nightclub, Suite B Lounge

Downtown Orlando on a Friday night, looking for.......EDM!  Visiting the V-clubs first, Vixen, Vintage & Vain.
First stop Vixen Bar, always dedicated to great music. Friday night resident DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins, EPCOT China NYE) playing House music.
With Heather providing great drinks and great views!
Adjacent sister-club Vintage Lounge with DJ Freefall (Dragon Room) playing House and Dance.
Decent-crowd on hand but not full like some Fridays. Baby Anne plays here next Thursday!
Over to Vain Nightclub which has been further renovated and is pretty impressive now.  Located where Cairo and Lyrica used to be, Vain continues to drift over to the EDM side more often than not and their Friday night FUK'D nights has brought in some great talent!
Last night it was one of my favorites, DJ/Remixer Mickey Bono (Bliss Ultralounge, K5, Beat Thrillerz, Radio Danz).
Despite really good music by the earlier DJ, no one was dancing until Mickey Bono came on!
Another awesome mix of House and Dance!
Great lighting and effects in Vain plus an entire upstairs with another DJ.
Dance floor stayed full.  Next Friday night is another "don't miss" event here as Canadian DJ's Sultan & Ned Shepard will be playing!

You can hear Bono on Radio Danz on Friday nights at 9pm ET, 2am GMT.
Folks, this is why VIP is worth every penny!
Meanwhile next door at Suite B Lounge, it was the owner's birthday so let's have a party!
Tampa's DJ Davie-D (Davie's Angels) was on the boards.
Taking turns with DJ Chris Gallagher, both playing a continuous stream of House and Progressive.
Mannequins gurl!
The place got really jammed!

 Wall-to-wall people!
There's a pole to practice on!
Good times at Suite B Lounge!

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