Sunday, April 15, 2012

Club Reports: Barbarella, Amphitheatre (Tampa)

In Tampa to see Ferry Corsten so may as well check out the I-Bar clone, Barbarella.
Friday/Saturday night resident DJ Matt (Independent Bar) was at the controls.
No dance floor photos because the floor was empty at this early hour.  Just like I-Bar though, it would get crowded later to the early to mid-80's New Wave/Old Wave format.  If you're partying in Ybor you got to check out Barbarella located at the far eastern end of the club strip on 7th Avenue!
Now onto Amphitheatre, a club dedicated to EDM and home to one of the world's few revolving dance floors!
Saturday night resident DJ DOCO (93.3FLZ) had whipped the crowd into a frenzy with House and Vocal House music!
But the reason for coming was to hear DJ Ferry Corsten (NL) who came on close to 1am!
FERRY!  FERRY!  FERRY!  He opened with his 2011 hit 'Feel It'.
The revolving floor was quickly filling up!
Mannequins memories!  When you're trying to find someone on the dance floor you don't have to walk all over the place.  You simply stand on the edge and wait for them to come around to you!

He seemed to be in a great mood although he never spoke to the crowd.
Eventually the floor got so crowded and hot that.....
.....just like the final few nights at Mannequins, it came to a complete stop because of the weight!
The go go dancers kept things interesting though.

There was at least 10 confetti cannon explosions!
A lot of his selections were off his new album 'WKND'.  There's a lot of awesome material in there!
Hope to see him again at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando this Fall!

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