Monday, April 30, 2012

DJ Irie Now The Official DJ Of CCL

Miami Heat DJ Irie, who you may recall played at The Groove back on December 10th, has teamed up with Carnival Cruise Lines to teach their DJ's how to do it right. Interesting direction to take and obviously Carnival recognizes the importance of a good DJ on every ship on every sailing. As I think back, every NCL cruise I've been on has had a great DJ, as has Costa. Interestingly, every Royal Caribbean and Princess cruise I've been on has had duds!   As I sail today, I'll let you know how good the DJ is on Carnival Imagination.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Club Reports: Pleasure Island, Indpendent Bar, NV Lounge, Vintage Lounge, Bliss Ultra Lounge

It's Saturday night; put the car into autopilot and it found its own way to beautiful Pleasure Island!
At Celebration Plaza's Purple Stage the DJ was playing Top 40/Dance!  Heard LMFAO, David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia songs back-to-back!
The Andre Caram Band featuring singer Drey-C drew an enthusiastic crowd.
They've been a regular feature here since the ultra-lounge concept was started after the demise of the Celebrate Tonight fiasco.
Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island!
Off in the distance, The Adventures Club overlooked the fun outside.
We're hoping!
From Downtown Disney to Downtown Orlando and I-Bar.
Lighting tech Ernie and DJ Dem Rok putting out 80's New Wave.  Sorry for the washout guys!
Good size crowd on the dance floor.
Bachelorette party.....last chance to get away!
Spotted:  DJ Smilin' Dan, I-Bar's Thursday night Indie jock.
First time visit to NV Lounge over on Pine Street.
DJ Taron on the boards playing a great EDM mix.
Small venue that calls itself "Orlando's living room", there's no charge to enter and sit.
The Rollins Girls chilling in the two-level venue.
Saturday nights are always fun at Vintage Lounge.
DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins, EPCOT China NYE, Vixen, SkySixty) putting out Top 40/Dance!
It was so crowded in here that it was almost impossible to move about!
Everyone always a great time in here!
The Rollins Girls on Church Street.
The best dance music in Orlando on Saturday night can be found at Bliss Ultra Lounge.
DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz, K5,,, Florida Beat Radio, Vain) playing Top 40/Dance earlier and more House/Dance later.
The Bliss dance floor was thoroughly packed as well!
You can listen to Mickey Bono's Seduction mix shows for free on the above-listed internet stations as well as from this link here.
The Rollins Girls everywhere!
And a good time was had by all.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Club Report: Vain (Sultan & Ned Shepard)

Downtown at Vain Nightclub, firmly planted on the EDM side now.
Opening DJ/Remixer John Debo (Club 23, Roxy) playing Top 40/Dance hits.
Friday night's FUK'D series at Vain has brought in the likes of Icey and Mickey Bono; last night it was the DJ duo of Sultan & Ned Shepard (CDN)!  They came on at 12:37am to a very full house.
They didn't play anything obscure; if you listen to Sirius/XM 51 BPM you would have recognized everything they played!  Sultan (right) with his trademark dreadlocks.
The dance floor stayed very crowded throughout their set.
Large roar when they played their massive hit from last year, 'Call My Name' featuring Nadia Ali.  The song peaked at #5 on Billboard's Dance Chart and #2 on the UK Music Chart.
They were very animated throughout the night, really getting into what they were playing.
Lots of spraydowns at Vain at all the appropriate spots in the music!
The VIP seating area at Vain has been completely revamped with easy access to the dance floor.
The duo are originally from the Montreal area.
DJ Dave Seaman (GB) will be playing here next Friday night and Nicky Romero (NL) is the DJ on the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

PI Update: What's New With Splitsville?

The newest concept art has now been posted on the construction wall outside Splitsville.   To be located in the heavily remodeled former Virgin Records Store on the West Side, the design is both futuristic and retro at the same time!  Looks great!
Dining, dancing and drinking are all featured before the requisite bowling.  There will be multiple cocktail bars and live music although we don't know whether "live music" means live bands or live DJ's!  We also don't know yet whether there will be adult-only rules later in the evening. Everyone is so looking-forward to his place opening up!  Did we mention there would be bowling?
Past peeks inside showed a distinct lack of construction activity but that is no longer the case.  One can now see construction equipment in place and some interior walls being built.  Whether they can complete everything on time for a Fall, 2012 opening remains to be seen.  Blog roving reporter Thommy, reporting from down on the Island, says that Disney has its annual "What's New, What's Next" press meeting at 9:30am this morning.  The event is where Disney reveals more details about its on-going projects.....including Splitsville and hopefully about Pleasure Island too!  We will post any announcements here on the Save Pleasure Island Blog so stay tuned.
UPDATE:  Nothing about Pleasure Island.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Weekend In Techno Town

One of America's favorites and local girl too, DJ Baby Anne (USA) returns to Vintage Lounge tonight to celebrate the release of her new album 'Bad Baby'.  Her concerts are always fun and they're even better when they're "up close" like at Vintage.  The album is available at iTunes.  DJ Mark Sparks opens. $0-5.
Orlando Trance Movement's continuing series 'Lost In Trancelation' returns to Bikkuri Sushi Lounge Friday night with DJ's Cyberiansoundz, Agni, Robb Blak and others.  The monthly event will now be held on the 4th Saturday night of each month.  Free.

Also Friday night at Vain Nightclub, the unique DJ act of Sultan & Ned Shepard (CDN) comes to Orlando for the first time.  As you can see in the photo below that I took at Toronto last year, they're unique because in addition to playing tracks off the boards, they also like to come up front with their electric guitar and electric keyboard.  Have never seen anything like it!  No advance tickets; price not posted.
Hopefully they'll play this track which brought them fame last year, 'Call My Name' which they produced for Dance singer Nadia Ali, recorded at Liv, Miami Beach.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PI Update: Disney Releases Funmeister Pin

Disney has just released a new collectors pin featuring the Funmeister, symbol of good times on beautiful Pleasure Island!  Like his former namesake on the totem pole outside Motion, the half moon is yellow with a red eyebrow and blue eye.  Unlike the namesake, there is a silver "hidden mickey" on the chin.  Interestingly, the pin is only $2.95 but can only be purchased in conjunction with $30 or more of other pin merchandise.  Available at Disney Pin Traders in Downtown Disney Marketplace.  Why has Disney suddenly embraced its Pleasure Island heritage these past few months?  We hope it's more than them just toying with us!  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PI Update: The Island By Sea

I'm headed-out on a little cruise next week so I thought I'd best get some practice on my sea legs!
Islands everywhere!  Next week it's the island of Key West and the island of Cozumel.  This afternoon, it's the Island of Pleasure!
Of course Key West and Cozumel are adult destinations known for partying.  Pleasure Island used to be known for partying.....but not anymore.  Not when 5 comedy and dance club buildings stand idle.
Comedy Warehouse is still there but it's role is limited to being the place outside bands can plug in their equipment.  I did hear a rumor on the Island this evening that comedy will be returning to PI in the near future. But the source wasn't sure where or when.
Checking out the former door to the 2nd Floor of Mannequins.
But access to both the 2nd and 3rd floors remain available backstage if they're ever needed.  Be sure to make Pleasure Island your next island destination!