Thursday, March 8, 2012

DJ Ferry Corsten Coming To A Revolving Dance Floor Near You!

Has it been a year already? Yes it has! The 1-year anniversary of the reopening of club Amphitheatre in Tampa is coming up next month and will feature the #18 DJ in the world and fan favorite, Ferry Corsten (NL). The many Mannequins fans who attended opening night last year will recall the revolving dance floor, advanced light and sound systems, CO2 spraydowns and awesome dance music reminiscent of our favorite club! The Amp has proven itself this year that it is wholly dedicated to EDM. I can already hear 'Fire' and 'Rock Your Body Rock' on the spinning floor! I smell a road trip!


Brian said...

we know it is not Mannequins!!

zulemara said...

bbaaahhhh!!! I'll be in Tokyo, damnit! I know I know, it's Tokyo, but I always seem to be gone when someone I want comes to town. I'd love to visit that club.