Sunday, March 4, 2012

Club Report: Independent Bar

No club hopping for me last night; just planted myself "in my spot" at I-Bar and maintained a low profile!
A quick trip to the booth found DJ Dem Rok visiting with DJ Indie John.
Down below the dance floor was jammed to the mix of early to mid-80's New Wave/Old Wave.  Like the 70's Disco tunes heard last weekend at Retro Room, these are songs everyone knows!
Spotted: Courtney & Lawrence from Mannequins!
Spotted:  CJ (EDC-Orlando) and Carol
Spotted:  DJ Stefan (Independent Bar, 11/12 Lounge).  He and DJ LD will be hosting the next Necropolis Night at I-Bar next Sunday night.
There are always different music formats each night at I-Bar and many of them get jammed.  What's interesting is that the patrons each night are a completely different set of people from other nights. They are intriguing music options that you won't find anywhere else in Orlando with Saturdays bringing out the most diverse of crowds!

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