Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Weekend In Techno Town


New night club Tier opens to the general public this Friday night with DJ Ross One (USA). The club name refers to the two tiers (levels) within the venue formerly known as Icon. Looks like they may be following a techno path as next Saturday they have DJ Cedric Gervais (F) coming in! Cover.

Also on Friday night a newly remodeled club Firestone Live brings in DJ Diplo (USA) for Electrohouse and Dubstep along with Sleigh Bells. $25.


DJ Nick Terranova (doing business as Starkillers) (USA) comes to Orlando and Senso Supper Club on Saturday night. Last week the Blog posted his song 'Pressure' as sung by vocalist Nadia Ali. $15.

Saturday night also brings a new format to Bliss Ultra Lounge with "Cirque". DJ Mickey Bono (doing business as Beat Thrillerz) (USA) will still be pumping out Top 40/Dance but the circus format means cirque performers, go go dancers and more! Those with coulrophobia might best stay away.  FREE-$5.


71 said...

Not techno by a long-shot, but The Other Band is playing the Retro Room (on west 192) Sunday at 8:30 p.m. Expect a lot of 70s and 80s covers.

In addition to the standard Retro Room/8-Traxx connection, The Other Band features two former CMs from the Adventurers Club--a tenuous connection, but I figured enough to warrant mention on the Save PI website. :)

KingBob said...

71, connections to ALL clubs at PI can be mentioned on here! That's why the Blog covered the recent AC and CW shows at DHS!

Speaking of PI bands, also taking place at Retro Room is the band Kings County (aka Kabang). They were one of the live bands at Rock'n'Roll Beach Club. They will be playing at RR next Saturday night, February 18th! RRBC fans should check this out!