Thursday, February 2, 2012

Save PI Blog Reaches 300,000 Hits!

This Flag Counter has been viewed 300,029 times!                                                                According to the Flag Counter, the Save Pleasure Island Blog surpassed 300,000 hits during the night last night as more and more readers tune-in for the latest news and rumors about Pleasure Island as well as the latest local club and DJ news. The number is actually higher than that because while the Blog began shortly after the club closures were announced in June, 2008, the counter was not added until July, 2009. The Blog is currently averaging 400-600 views per day. You can see the biggest day ever on the graph above; on 3/22/11 there were 3,651 viewers! That followed the exclusive posting by the Blog of Disney's plans for Pleasure Island / Hyperion Wharf including the planned demolitions and the outrage to replace most buildings with seed and mulch rather than the promised bold and new! While these numbers are nothing compared to mega-websites, you have to wonder why 300,000+ people care about what happens to a place called Pleasure Island!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed.
That just says alot, so lets all rally together which we've been doing.
So we can get P.I. and the clubs opened up.
Let's hope the numbers keep going up up and up, and hope they're all being read.

Anonymous said...

and I still ASK where was all these People? when it was open??? HMMMM? can you tell me this? now if just a small part of these that read and or have read this PI would still be open?

KingBob said...

Perhaps if Disney had publicized the Island as they did in the early days, the Island would have stayed packed. Perhaps if Disney had reinvested profits back into the Island in the form of continuous upgrades, the Island would have stayed packed. As it was, crowds withered away. Many have speculated that it was done on purpose; that TDO did not want Pleasure Island.

Club Master said...

Come on Bring back Pleasure Island.