Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post Script: Studio 54 vs Retro Room

When Sirius/XM invited me to attend their one-night-only reopening of Studio 54 in New York last October, it definitely became my top Disco night ever! Being able to party in the greatest discotheque ever can never be replicated! 

I'm certainly not going to say the 8TRAX Reunion at Retro Room matched that experience, lol. But it was pretty damn good nonetheless and there's a lot to be said for partying with so many PI friends! Retro Room has the potential for great success but IMO it still has to reach Disney CM's and Orlando tourists and get them to come over. Spring Break and summer tourist seasons are coming quickly. If they can get just some of them to come out to party, they can replicate this past weekend every weekend. And wouldn't that be groovy?

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