Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PI Update: It Was A Dark & Stormy Night

The proverbial calm before the storm. But what better place to spend it than beautiful Pleasure Island!
Who would not want to pass through these doors again and hop on the revolving dance floor? (although that puddle in the corner speaks of possible problems inside!)
The Lily Pad area sure looked purdy.
Plans for PI show the main pedestrian walkway passing through this current service court located between Portabello and Raglan Road.  But absolutely nothing new is going on at PI at this time and an Island source tells the Blog that they're not likely to announce anything until after Splitsville opens.
But speaking of Splitsville, a reader recently pointed out to us the lack of renovation-activity inside the building. Sure enough, if you look inside, you can see the interior has been gutted but that project  concluded weeks ago and nothing is happening!  Makes you wonder why construction would come to a complete stop when they have an announced opening of Fall, 2012.  With March arriving next week, there is no way they will open on time!


Anonymous said...

I recently received my shareholder proxy. With your knowledge of who might have played a part in the removal of all of the clubs, can you provide names of who should receive a vote or who should not? Not that it will make a difference but would like to make a vote that means something to me.

Anonymous said...

Closing all the clubs around to my way of thinking was a bad idea, and also I'm not the only one that thinks that.
So lets fix up the clubs and get them reopened, and see about
"Splitsville" because March is coming up so surprise everybody.

ClubMaster said...

we should all buy disney stock and then make a huge vote to get PI back.

Anonymous said...

What is all this splitsville talk?