Saturday, February 25, 2012

Club Report: Retro Room (8TRAX REUNION - First Night)

First of two nights at Retro Room for the first ever 8TRAX Reunion.  I figured Saturday night of the 2-night event would be crowded but I did not know what to expect for Friday night.  I found out that it was lots of people and lots of fun!
Former 8TRAX DJ Pete (Motion, Mannequins, BET Soundstage) was on the controls which were being operated from the more-visible side stage area rather than up in the booth!
Part of the early crowd kept the dance floor busy from early in the evening!
Led by former 8TRAX door host Thommy, it was 'YMCA' at midnight!
Thommy also led the 'Thriller' dance at 12:30am!  He's performed this several times at 80's Night at The Groove in CityWalk but it's always alone.  At RR last night a large group joined right in!
DJ Pete stayed active throughout the event, roving all over the club with his microphone.
DJ Pete congratulates the 80's & 70's costume contest winners!!
Doin' The Bump!  Come out for the second night of the 8TRAX Reunion tonight at Retro Room!


Anonymous said...

The Poor judgment Crew was in attendance!

zulemara said...

it was a fun time! Can't wait for tonight!

71 said...

King Bob, great to finally meet you in person. Zulemara, hope to finally meet you in r/l, too, look for the costume winners from last night and ask for "71".

Anonymous said...

yeah Zulemara I would love to met you as wellllll