Sunday, February 5, 2012

Club Reports: Roxy (Nadia Ali), Independent Bar

Roxy on Saturday night; their You Only Live Once night.
Electrohouse duo Hysteria entertaining the crowd before the reason for being here arrived.  Excellent Dance music set was like a night listening to BPM but without the repetition!
I thought the place was kind of empty compared to prior visits but the crowd really swelled by 1am.
Of course the reason for being here.....Grammy-nominated Dance singer Nadia Ali!
Dressed in a blue-sparkly mini and 5-inch heels, she was a sight to behold!  Shoes are just $1495 at Neiman Marcus!
To be honest with you though, she was a bit of a disappointment to me.
She was more than a half-hour late coming on and then she performed for about 20-minutes before announcing she was taking a break and would be back in about 15-minutes. During her set she seemed flustered, hardly smiled and constantly looked at her mixer in the booth like they were out of sync.
I had seen her perform in Toronto last summer so I know what she is capable of but the energy was just not there last night.
Nonetheless it was great to hear her classic and current Dance songs for which she is so famous.  And she is no Britney; she actually sings!
And the view was awesome!
After her show there was time for a quick visit to I-Bar.
DJ Indie John was in the booth putting out the standard 80's New Wave classics.
At this late hour the place was already thinning-out.
Spotted: DJ Tony Frazier (Frazier Experiment) with Bloo!

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