Saturday, February 4, 2012

Club Reports: Retro Room, Chakra Ultra Lounge

Retro Room, the club where nearly every night is like a visit to 8TRAX on Pleasure Island!
DJ Pete (8TRAX, Motion, Mannequins, RRBC) was in the booth putting out 70's Disco, 80's Classics and a tribute to Don Cornelius of Soul Train!
Decent-sized crowd on hand would get on the colorful dance floor for the fun songs.
The bar itself was jammed!
"Guess the name of the song and the artist" trivia games producing a free drink for this winner!
Retro Room will be the home for the 8TRAX Reunion on the nights of February 24-25. Located on US 192 just west of TOLL 429 near US 27, the club is just a few miles from Disney World.

 From the Retro Room Facebook site:  Picture of Bob (Save Pleasure Island Blog) taking a picture of a picture.
As we previously reported, Chakra Ultra Lounge is the new Friday night home for Venue 13 which was formerly housed at 11/12 Lounge on Lee Road.
The brainchild of DJ Paul Vaine (Visage, Lyrica, 11/12 Lounge), the music is a mix of 80's Old Wave, Goth, Synth, Industrial and anything else that he would have played back in the day at former club Visage!
The darkness and haze made it difficult to take pictures but I did the best I could.
The dance floor and club were jammed as it was but I'm told there were twice as many people in here for the opening the previous Friday!
Spotted: Phil (CityWalk Ticketing) with Rachel!
There was tremendous energy in the place which they didn't have at 11/12.  People were dancing all over the club and were definitely dressed for the occasion. The owner of Chakra told me they are trying to diversify from just being a club known for Hip Hop and thus they now have this Goth night on Fridays and a Dubstep night on Mondays.  Chakra is located on University at Dean Road, just east of TOLL 417, near UCF. Retro Room and Venue 13 couldn't be further apart musically (and geographically) but they are both LOTS of fun!


Anonymous said...

so why would an older gent wear a kilt to a retro club??

Anonymous said...

why not?

shana said...

rad writeup on chakra- definitely feeling it as V13's new home. you're NOT gonna find music this dark anywhere else in orlando. come on out if you are picky as fuck about what you feed to your ears, and to which you shake ya ass. plenty of comfy couches, drink specials and endless people watchin.....

David Parker said...

i come from old school Cage(pre8trax)/Visage/EA Days... shows my age, but thats the beauty of Venue 13 @ Chakra, the club has such an eclectic mix of people of all ages that i never have felt out of place... shaking my ass on the dance floor with the lazers screaming thru the fog... the drink specials are sic...our awesome host @ the door!... Paul Vaine has brought back my youth!! My "scene" is back!! I just can't get enough!! look up Venue 13 on facebook and check out all the pics too... Thanks for reading all this and hope 2 see you out!!

KingBob said...

I can recall many a Scotsman visiting Mannequins wearing their kilts and American girls would flock all over them!

Shana, awesome vibe at Chakra for Venue 13. I recognized many regulars from I-Bar and 11/12 but also a completely different set of people. I think the location on the east side of Orlando and close to UCF can make this an on-going success!

shana said...

kilts are sexy, no matter the occasion.......i dunno if they'd rock em in the retro room, but at V13, no question.

Anonymous said...

Venue 13 is a blast - I'm out every Friday stomping around the dance floor and shake'n my buns into the wee hours.

Chakra is a great new home for V13 - STRONG drinks, plenty of couches, a big dance floor, and a terrific sound system.

What really strikes me as special about Chakra is the owner's attention and involvement. He talks to his customers, asks them what they want, if they are enjoying themselves, what the club can do better... he's really made the V13 crowd feel welcome.

Thanks, Chakra!


Anonymous said...

hoot man, hoot man