Saturday, February 11, 2012

8TRAX Reunion Is Just Two Weeks Away!

8TRAX then..........
..........RETRO ROOM now!
Are you coming to the 8TRAX Reunion at Retro Room?  Taking place on two nights, Friday February 24th and Saturday February 25th, relive those great nights on Pleasure Island with this Reunion event!  DJ Pete Haynes will be spinning 70's Disco & 80's Classics just like he used to at 8TRAX. There will be costume contests both nights for the best 70's and 80's outfits!  And I understand that Thriller may be performed on Saturday night! Should be lots of fun, great drink specials and the price is right: FREE!


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but I just paid a visit to the Retro Room a few weeks ago, and one of the servers named Eric said the 8Tax reunion was going to be on April 24th and 25th.
So what's up?

Anonymous said...

Allow me to apparently correctly myself I meant to say "8Trax".

KingBob said...

Eric must have been confused as I'm not aware of anything in April. Definitely the nights of February 24 & 25.

Anonymous said...

King Bob,
We're hoping, and I'm sure as you are too that they will fix up Mannequines and 8Trax.
As well as the other clubs at Pleasure Island.
P.S. In another few months Spring and Summer will be here.