Sunday, January 29, 2012

Concert Report: Avicii at UCF Arena

The now world-famous Swedish DJ Avicii brought his show into Orlando on Friday night, performing before a packed house at UCF Arena.
Blog roving reporters Thommy & William were on the scene to bring us this report.
The crowd went crazy for megahits 'Levels' and 'My Feelings For You'.

Thommy reports that the crowd went completely out of control for the Dubstep version of 'Levels' which was the last song played!  Sorry I had to miss this, but at least I got to see Avicii when he performed a one hour set at Studio 54 in NYC this past October!


Anonymous said...

I was there it was incredible.

zulemara said...

also I think you missed my text. The last pic was during "jump around" which was the last song he played. Wow did that place go nuts!

KingBob said...

Thanks for the clarification, Zule. "Jump Around" is an early 90's classic dance and/or very early Hip Hop song that to this day does get people jumping!

zulemara said...

yeah, I remember it being played in Mrs Doubtfire LOL