Sunday, January 22, 2012

Club Reports: Prickly Pear, The Abbey, Suite B Lounge, Vixen Lounge, Independent Bar

A beautiful warm January night in Orlando last night and what better way to spend it than searching for EDM. The Prickly Pear is a restaurant/bar over in Orlando's Eola Square district.

And on Friday/Saturday nights DJ The Reverend (Peacock Room, Bandwagon Roadshow, Funky Monkey) puts out an eclectic mix of music for the diners as well as patrons at the upscale bar.

Rather empty during my visit but two large groups had just walked out as I approached. Beautiful facilities worth checking out for dining or chilling.

I had been reading about The Abbey for some time but had never gotten the chance to check it out but it's right around the corner from Prickly Pear so I had to see it!  It's a mixed-use facility that can be used for parties, theater productions, bands, etc.

Last night the venue was rented-out for a private party who brought in their own DJ.

A beautiful set-up with awesome lighting and sound systems from HTG.

A full-service bar completes the location which was just beginning to get crowded. Pretty impressive.

Suite B Lounge is always on my list when searching for EDM and good drinks!

In general most Fridays here seem better than most Saturdays as far as crowds go, as last night there was just a dozen patrons in the place with no one dancing. The music by the three DJ's taking turns was a very Hard House mix.

Another club committed to Electronic Dance Music is Vixen Lounge.

A nice surprise was DJ Andy Hughes (Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando, Peacock Room) in the cockpit!

And people were dancing on the small floor beneath the booth to his House mix.

Pretty good crowd in attendance. 

Saturday night.....downtown.....I-Bar.

The dynamic duo of DJ Indie John and Lighting Tech Ernie putting out 80's New Wave & Classics!

The club was really buzzing last night!

The floor was filled wall-to-wall.

Spotted: CJ visiting with Ernie!

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