Monday, January 16, 2012

Club Reports: House of Blues, Pleasure Island

The biggest party in the Orlando area on Sunday nights is Service Industry Night at House of Blues, located in Lake Buena Vista at Downtown Disney West Side.

There is a different DJ at HOB each week but holiday weekends nearly always means DJ Magic Mike!

And the place gets absolutely packed to the rafters!

Magic Mike was in a hip-hoppy mood last night, much more so than the last time I saw him play here when the set was mostly House, Dance and Dubstep.

But no matter what he plays he keeps the music moving fast with short segments of each song merging quickly into the next song. There was a lot of cheering as popular songs came on!

House of Blues has some awesome lighting equipment installed in here!

Music videos accompany each song in the mix.

Spotted: DJ Richie Rich (House of Blues, The Beacham) who will be playing House and Dance here at HOB on the January 29th edition of Service Industry Night.

Spotted: DJ Shal (Club V, Suite B Lounge)

Spotted: Resident DJ Sandy (House of Blues, Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando) posing with Shal's wife.

Spotted: DJ Tony Z (Atlantic Dance Hall, Planet Hollywood, Paradiso 37)

  Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island!  Can't visit HOB without a stop here!
The foyer to Mannequins was all lit-up and looking spiffy. Open the doors, Mickey!

8TRAX was dark though.

Adventurers Club overgrown but standing firm!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Oh, to walk through those metal elevator doors and onto that revolving dance floor one more time...........

I'd probably pay $20 at the door and $15 for a LIT.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

P.S. I love the new Save Pleasure Island Blog format;~)

Belle said...

How soon before each Sunday is the SIN HOB DJ du jour announced?

Will be in town for Feb 26 :)

KingBob said...

Belle, usually around the 1st of each month they announce who the DJ's are going to be for every Sunday of that month. I'll try to remember to inquire around Feb 1st.