Sunday, January 15, 2012

Club Report: Stagger Inn

A new venue in downtown Orlando is called the Stagger Inn!
DJ Donny (Young Entertainment) was playing country music initially, something I've never heard in downtown Orlando since :08 (8 Seconds) closed a few years ago.  He said it was a country crowd but that he'd be switching over to Top 40 shortly. There's a pretty good lighting system in place on the small stage but it's in the corner. 
The place was actually packed, a nice surprise for such a new place. Club type lights do not spread to the rest of the club as this may be a lighting system the DJ brings in with him; I forgot to ask.  I've seen a similar system over at Dexter's in Lake Mary on Thursday nights that the resident DJ brings in.

Only one cowboy hat in sight though!  Their Facebook page indicates that Country music is going to be a regular feature here. For instance, Solo Cup SundaysStagger Inn is on Central at Magnolia.

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