Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PI Update: More Memories (1995)

A YouTube video we've not posted before shows Pleasure Island during the mid-90's. The place was pretty amazing during its peak!


Brian said...

yes the MID 90's where fun but I say the 1st years where the BEST!! but then again I was in Mannequins all the time! and the early years of Mannequins was the best Music!

Anonymous said...

First of all thanks for the video, it was good.
Hopefully P.I. will rock again this time it'll be for the
New Year 2012.

Anonymous said...

OK, here's how it went down in those days: arrived at PI and stood in live FOREVER at the turnstile. Ran into MDP for that rush of lights and bass, sometimes in time for the "Light Show" and the first turn of the dance floor. First drink from Jerry, John C, Dawn or Sandy. (There was also a bar on the first floor to the left of the dance floor and one on the third floor). As the night went on, a walking tour of the other clubs: Jello shots at the Neon Armadillo, "Staying Alive" or "Double Dutch Bus" at 8Trax, a live set in RRBC and maybe a slice of pizza and some air hockey, The Library or Mask Room in AC, "Sha-Shaty" when they performed at the Jazz Club (which was a GREAT date place with the romantic atmosphere of a NYC jazz club), etc. Always back to MDP for the "Phantom of the Opera", then run to the West End Stage for the New Year's Eveshow, fireworks, confetti and "Hot, Hot, Hot". Back to MDP and onto the revolving dance floor until close. The last song was a slow song, usually "When You Wish Upon A Star" by Linda Ronstadt. HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA, MAAAANEQUINS. Whoosh, the "ugly lights" would come on. Walk to valet to get your car (which was free with your annual PI pass). Then drive to the Crossroads for breakfast at Perkins, usually waiting for a table even at 2:30 A.M. NOTHING will ever be like that was again. BUT, we can hope for some new memories, can't we? Oh and, yes Brian, I know you know. (This is SUE). Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

That video brought back memories. If I wasn't at Edge, Firestone, or Barbarella's I was at PI. I remember going in the elevator hearing drunk tourists say "It's the Tower of Terror", rolling my eyes and arriving on the third floor. I remember MDP would play 'Diamond Life' by Louie Vega and the dance floor would be packed!!!! Aaahh the memories!!!!!