Monday, December 26, 2011

DJ Icey Coming To Orlando

Well he lives here actually, so the title may be a bit misleading.  What I meant to say is that he'll be performing here!  The date is Friday, January 13th, at downtown club Vain. Ticket info pending.


JImmy Joslin said...

should be a good time

Brian said...

oh yeah!!

Shelley Lyn said...

It will be the location of my birthday party, part one. Thanks for the great job you do Bob. Part two on Saturday will be at Vixen on the 14th.

KingBob said...

Welcome DJ Jimmy Joslin to the Blog.

Brian, I'll post ticket information in this article as soon as it's released.

Shelley Lyn, partying with Icey sounds like the way to go! See you there!