Saturday, December 17, 2011

Club Reports: Why Not Lounge, Venue 13, Vixen

A beautiful Friday night in the mid-60's following a day in the low 80's, a far cry from the freezing temps experienced the prior Friday night in Atlanta.  First stop, the Why Not Lounge.  You know the place has to be legendary when they include that word in the name!

Arrived to find a live band performing current and classic Top 40 songs.  Only a few takers on the dance floor though until the band took a break and.....

.....DJ Javy came on. He began with a few Top 40/Dance songs which immediately filled the floor. He was also spinning a few well-known Latin dance tunes.

The Why Not Lounge is located in the Howard Johnson's Hotel on Semoran Blvd at I-4. (Did you know that Semoran is short for Seminole and Orange counties, which the road travels through?) Anyway, the hotel was the Magnusson Grand, the Clarion and the Holiday Inn-Altamonte Springs before HOJO.

Heading two exits south to Lee Road, the 11/12 Lounge is a restaurant/sports bar that becomes Venue 13 on Friday nights.  Parking is ample and drinks are cheap.

DJ Paul Vaine (Visage) plays music that you heard at Visage back in the day as well as current music you'd here in Visage today if Visage were still around!  He even played the main song from the Mannequins Medley last night!

Usually quite a few Saturday night I-Bar people in the place.

But it never got that crowded last night but definitely better than my prior visit.  The club is kept very, very dark although my flash did a good job lighting up things on the wall that are impossible to see otherwise.

Continuing a few more exits south on I-4 to Vixen Lounge on Orange Avenue.

DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins, EPCOT, Vintage, Sky 60) was in the booth playing Progressive during my visit.  Dom is the New Years Eve DJ at China in EPCOT and I wanted to see if he had anything new to report.  He says he'll be spinning outside beneath the smoke-belching dragon from 7:15pm to 1am that night.  I've included a picture below from last year's event!


Anonymous said...

I hear 11-12 might be shutting down.

KingBob said...

Anon, the place has been a bit spartan during my last couple visits but let's hope they can keep Venue 13 Night going. They're having a VISAGE Reunion this Friday night.