Sunday, December 4, 2011

Club Reports: Vixen Lounge, Independent Bar

Looking for electronic dance music in downtown Orlando you can always count on the club-pair of Vixen Lounge and Vintage Lounge.  And while DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins) was spinning Top 40/Dance in Vintage, it was a Mannequins mini-reunion over in Vixen!
DJ Tooltime (Suite B Lounge, P.M. Entertainment) was on the boards initially in Vixen playing House, Progressive House and Breaks.
While my "spot" in Mannequins was always the near corner, there was a large contingent of "far corner" Mannequins people out last night!
Mannequins people everywhere!
Vixen was as jammed as I've personally witnessed!
DJ Sandy taking over from DJ Tooltime.
DJ Sandy (House of Blues SIN , Electric Daisy Carnival-Orlando) was playing one song after another that I recognized from Sirius/XM Satellite Radio's BPM!
Small dance floor was packed throughout.
Spotted: OMG, it's former Mannequins club manager Brad! He reports still working for the Mouse!  Please put in a good word for reopening our favorite club!!
More Mannequins people!
With time running out, had to get my weekly fix of Independent Bar too!
DJ Dem Rok was on the controls......when not distracted!
Spotted: DJ Tony Frazier (Frazier Experiment) with his sister. I-Bar was jammed too.
Spotted: DJ Stefan (Rage Room at 11/12 Lounge).  Hey girl, you got Skrillex hair!!(See Nov 22nd Blog)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob for coming out to Vixen for Duane's birthday bash. Lots of Manniquines peeps showed the love of good friends and great music.
Shelley Lyn and Duane from Christmas.

ClubMaster said...

Hey bob, HOB is now running a party for Service industry nights on tuesday nights called Shake it up Tuesdays! I was wondering if you can do a report on that and compare with the already popular Sunday night HOB party. I believe it starts at 10 but not sure what type of music it plays on tuesdays.

ClubMaster said...

ok i double checked it and its Latin night HOB on tuesdays. So kinda like latin quarters but maybe they will throw in some House like CW does.

Save Pleasure Island said...

Yes, it's a Latin Serivce Industry Night with Latin music genres. I've heard it gets very crowded!

DJMadManRay said...

If you hear anything about Tues at HOB, please let us know. Tues at RCC haven't been anything to talk about (except for 2 weeks ago when Jazzy Jeff was there...) Otherwise, they have been very quiet.

Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

zulemara said...

that's a shame, but I don't think Universal has done a good job advertising it. Hopefully they will stick with it.

Anonymous said...

Citywalk does a poor job promoting their clubs overall.

KingBob said...

Shellley, great to see you and the old gang....even if you were from the FAR corner!

ClubMaster, are you coming out to EPCOT again for NYE?

DJMadManRay, Tuesday nights are kind of dead everywhere but I've heard the Latin Night SIN at HOB is packed.

Zulemara, CW doesn't seem to do much advertising. Did you tell me that they're bringing in a House DJ this Saturday at The Groove?

ClubMaster said...

Always going to EPCOT!! DJ Mark Sanchez is schedule to play a very good set in Italy! I hope you will be able to go again King bob.

KingBob said...

I'm considering several options for NYE but I really liked the music at Italy & China last year.