Friday, December 30, 2011

Club Report: Blue Martini

First visit to Blue Martini in many years and definitely the first visit since PI closed. Located beside Macy's at The Mall at Millenia, the club is as upscale as the mall.
Out on the front patio as you come in, DJ Jr. was putting out Top 40, Dance and Reggaeton!

Blue Martini competes directly with Latin Quarter on Thursday nights but there are at least three times as many patrons in here compared to LQ. But no free drinks here for the Ladies.
A large crowd was dancing in the outdoor but covered area.
And there was no shortage of nice scenery.
But it was pure mayhem as you went inside!
A band was playing Latin hits from behind the bar until 11pm after which a different DJ took over.
Thursday night is Latin Night at BM and it was packed to the rafters! It was next to impossible to move through the place and people were not only dancing on the actual dance floor to the side of the stage but pretty much anywhere.....including pathways, doorways, entrances, bathrooms....

Blue Martini employs its own fleet of go-go girls who dance up on raised platforms!

By midnight the line stretched well-down into the parking lot, all eager to pay their $10 cover charge to get in. Blue Martini rakes it in on Thursday nights!

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Anonymous said...

Some guy got tased and arrested by OPD that night.