Friday, December 23, 2011

Club Report: The Beacham (Houp-la!)

Take over 20 local DJ's and give them just 15-minutes each to wow an audience and you have the makeup of last night's Houp-la at The Beacham. I didn't get there until about 10:30pm so I missed some of the early action. (CLICK ON ANY ONE PHOTO TO ENLARGE ALL)

But even when I got there the crowd was pretty spartan for DJ Nick Fury (EDC-Orlando, who was playing a lot of Dubstep.

First time seeing DJ Habbit perform and apparently he has quite a following as the dance floor got about half-full. His fans were quite vocal and animated for more Dubstep!

This DJ whose name I missed was also into Dubstep as the crowd continued to slowly build. A lot of the early DJ's all seemed to be trying to out Dubstep each other; that was my impression.

The floor was pretty full for DJ Big Makk playing a more progressive music mix.

This DJ goes by the name of "B" but nothing else please, not even "DJ B". But that's fine because his set of more popular House songs really got the room moving!

Fun on stage with Kaylee from performing with a lighted hula hoop, quite perfectly I might add! And DJ Davie Z incognito!

And Davie Z without mask. Around 1am the crowd in the room began to wane and I thought that was about it for the night. But not so.

Spotted: Lighting Tech Alisa. (Mannequins, Atlantic Dance Hall, Disney Quest NYE 2011, EPCOT China NYE 2010)
Spotted: DJ team Paradox Brothers (The Social, Bikkuri Lounge)

With me having to be at work at 7am this morning, I finally had to call it quits before the bigger local names took their turns. But close to 1:30am you can see that the late night crowd had moved in and it was more crowded than ever. Fun time and hope to see them do this again in the future as it was a great sampling of a lot of DJ styles, all compressed into short segments. Big thanks to JeffHTG for photo courtesies!

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