Thursday, November 17, 2011

PI & CW Updates: Construction Continues

Those of us who live in Florida do have to put up with 3 months of misery every summer but the reward is 9 months of bliss. Absolutely perfect weather right now with temps in the low-80's and no humidity! And what better place to experience the bliss than beautiful Pleasure Island where Festival of the Masters has given way to Festival of the Seasons. That Island board above is decorated pretty but it sure would look better with some club logos on it!
Drink, Dance, Dine, Bowl. Less than a year away now as the old Virgin store is converted to Splitsville. We're all hoping for details soon about what they're going to offer.

Lots more work to do though.....they're still just gutting the interior.

Meanwhile over at Adventurers Club, we previously reported that not only were the front and side windows/doors blocked with black-out paper or felt, but now the the rear doors are too.  But one of our PI sources tells us that is not exactly the case. The source tells us that the black cloth being used at the rear is not actually up against the glass like it is elsewhere but instead is actually hanging like a curtain about 5 feet inward from the windows. It is serving the purpose intended though and that's to keep people from peeking inside! Why would they care?
Traveling just a few exits eastbound on I-4 takes us to CityWalk where about the only new thing is the continued progress of the Hollywood Drive-In miniature golf courses. 

The two 18-hole miniature courses are under construction on both sides of the moving sidewalks from the parking garage.

The course names will be The Haunting of Ghostly Greens and Invaders From Planet Putt and they are scheduled to open up early next year per CW sources. These will be the most technologically advanced courses in Orlando and should prove quite popular!  To help assure that, Universal has eliminated the $3 parking garage charge for Florida residents that exists from 6pm to 10pm each night. That should help drive business to the theater, shops, restaurants and the mini-golf as many locals have avoided CW in the evening because of that charge. Non-residents will still incur the fee; in fact it has been raised to $4. Big thanks to you tourists for covering this for us!


Anonymous said...

I don't recall Walt saying that his park had an age limit. I seem to remeber that they were for the young and young at heart, (Nevermind that Walt only said this about Dinseyland, I'm sure that had he lived to see Walt Disney World, the sentiment would have been similar), and if the Clubs make King Bob feel young at heart, than more power to him I say. Thank you Bob and keep up the good fight!


ClubMaster said...

BOB ignore that guy, You keep you the good work, You have loyal followers who check in this site everyday and we love keeping up with you on this information. I am happy with this new info about parking free for florida residents after 6pm, so we just show our D.L. and its free every night after 6pm?

Anonymous said...

Don't hate.. I check your blog everyday! Thanks for all you do! I also would like to know a little more about the free parking after six for residents. I will definitely go for the new Mini golf.. Looks awesome so far, is the free parking already in place or do we have to wait for the opening?

KingBob said...

There are some sad people out there who don't have a life of their own so they have to criticize others. Since hate speech is not tolerated on here, the entry has been deleted. Anyone who doesn't like what I publish on here shouldn't waste their time reading it.

Yes, free parking beginning at 6pm for Florida residents has already begun, per Blog sources.

Anonymous said...

OK i get it now! you can not leave your opinion any more unless Bob likes it!!

Anonymous said...

This is bob's blog so I think he can pretty much do what he wants. I get a lot of information from here that I would not know.