Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Favorite Song Right Now

Without a doubt my favorite song out there right now is Levels by DJ Avicii (S). Club patrons go crazy when it gets played and I promise you that you'll be bouncing in your chair if you hit the 'play' button. When Avicii played a set during my visit to Studio 54 in NYC a few weeks ago, he opened with this.  Interestingly, even though the song has been out for months now it only became available as a download last week on Beatport. This Progressive House song is nearly all non-vocal but there is one short vocal segment which samples the incomparable 50's/60's Blues singer Etta James. But it's what makes the song!
Here's where the vocal segment came from:


DJMadManRay said...

That's why I am enjoying Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" so much! Thanks for the info..never would have known it was Etta.

KingBob said...

Yes. Avicii aka Tim Berg is only 22 years old. Has a tremendous future in Dance music.