Saturday, November 12, 2011

DTD Update: New Shops All Open

Lots of changes out at Downtown Disney to report on.  Little MissMatched recently completed its move from the West Side to this larger spot near Cap'n Jack's Restaurant in the Marketplace.
To make way for the new Splitsville, RideMakerz had to move out of the old Virgin Megastore space over to this spot in the rear of the Team Disney store. Not sure if this is permanent but they have very little visibility back here.

Over on the West Side, a trio of new or renovated stores have opened.  West coast-based Something Silver has opened where Magic Masters was located.

A remodeled Sunglass Icon by Sunglass Hut store has reopened.

And Blink by Wet Seal has opened in the former Magnetron space. Along with the recently opened Apricot Lane which is in the old Orlando Harley Davidson space next to Mannequins, there is no shortage of ladies skinny jeans available at Downtown Disney!

This weekend's Festival of the Masters is advertised on the main board adjacent Mannequins.  The art festival continues through tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Seems like more and more of your typical mall-type stores are moving in...

Not impressed. I'm still missing the clubs too. When we visit DTD I rarely spend more than the price of a bottled water or two. That's a far cry from the several hundred we normally spend in the course of a year for drinks at the clubs. And I don't bother with the premium AP now either.

KingBob said...

All of the most recent additions to DTD have been stores that already exist in Downtown Disney in California. With Disney reporting record profits, the lack of profit from a place like Pleasure Island is simply overlooked and merged into DTD's overall performance.