Monday, November 14, 2011

Clubs At Sea v. Clubs on Land

During this past weekend's visit to Club V aboard the Victory Casino Cruises ship, I noticed several signs that you just don't see when you're at land-based night clubs:
I don't recall any clubs in downtown Orlando that have muster stations!

Sure Atlantic Dance Hall is right on the water but I don't recall waves being an issue there!

Even though they were surrounded by water, I'm pretty sure none of the clubs on Pleasure Island had escape hatches!


Orlando's best Happy Hour said...

Sweet found your blog. Baby Annes bday bash was unreal. First time on a boat/club. intense. Check out my fb page.!/pages/Space-Coast-RAVE-Collective/213818662023683

KingBob said...

Glad you discovered the Save Pleasure Island Blog. Specializing in PI news and rumors, the Blog also covers venues and DJ's around Orlando playing Electronic Dance Music.